Tractor Tom

Status: Completed


The TV series of Tractor Tom follows the adventures of the livable red tractor and his friends-of which Wheezy is the best and most unappreciated one around the farm and all Wheezy ever wants is some adoration but why bother giving it to a combine that isn’t in the name of the show. As he slips through life, all of his barnyard pals have to come to Tom’s rescue as he falls in ditches after insane nights of raging parties and empty oil tanks. Even when Tom takes Diesel, a deadly alternative to his regular fuel, and becomes hooked on it and used all of his welfare checks to take care of his habit Wheezy is there to step in, but it isn’t Combine Wheezy. Eventually Tom rusts in a barn after being abandoned and shuts down, as seen in “Goodnight Tractor Tom for the Rest of Your Life”.