The Three Friends… And Jerry


Status: Completed


Jerry is the new kid in town who does not fit with any of his schoolmates. This series shows his best attempts to try to be liked by the ‘Three Friends’ who do not want him to be part of their group but still let him hang out with them as long as he helps them with their problems. They also fall for a group of the girls in town, who refuse to date them and refer to them as Ponks. Apart from school, the group have to contend with parents, bullies and their own conflicts. The location of where Three Friends and Jerry is set is unclear, while it is thought to be set in the United States as many of the characters have American voice-overs and dollars are also mentioned as being the currency, but the houses and architecture seen in the show however indicate to a likely setting in Europe, mostly likely either Sweden or United Kingdom seeing how the show was a Swedish/British co-production.