The Pink Panther in ‘Pink at First Sight’

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Status: Completed


It is Valentine’s Day and the hip feline has no love and no money except for seven cents. He goes to a messenger service for a job but messes his rehearsal up. He then buys a cassette player and pre-recorded cassettes with the seven cents he had left and goes back to the messenger service miming to “Vesti la giubba”, an aria from Ruggero Leoncavallo’s opera Pagliacci, and gets hired as a messenger on Valentine’s Day. Antics on the job entangle the breezy panther with a jealous husband (after the Panther steals the heart of a housewife whilst miming a 50s-ish sounding ballad), a snobby classic violinist (after the Panther, who had the wrong recording on at the time, used a precious violin as an electric guitar), a priest and tough gangsters. Finally, our hero meets the pantheress of his dreams, the ideal feline valentine.