The King of Tibetan Antelope

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Status: Completed


The film is the world’s first animated movie theme Tibetan antelope. In the animal kingdom, snow-covered glaciers in the Tibetan plateau, the mother carried the antelope flocks annual breeding migration journey, a new-born lamb bawl chatter and Dolma in mothers spent a happy time around; however in the regression beautiful the way home, they met with fierce human poachers hunting and hunted, mother dead or alive to save cliff fall bawl chatter, chatter survived small bawl will embark on the road to come home alone in the Tibetan region vast expanse of snow country . Meet the junior partner in rabbits and mice Kara Braun west corner, the blue sheep, yak duel learning rock climbing skills, through a long winter bawl chatter grow small corner of the road have to face in their hometowns predators wolves and snow-capped mountains Vulture Zhuixi plateau avalanches, Binglie, volcanoes, fountains natural barrier, as well as driving a sport utility vehicle carrying a shotgun poachers who …… the face of this dangerous heavy perilous, bawl chatter and his little friends how defeat the enemy escape, how to grow as a “small antelope King” mean? Can he reunited with their families and Dolma it?