Sonic Mania Adventures

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Status: Completed


The series begins with Sonic the Hedgehog returning to his world from the events of Sonic Forces. Arriving on Angel Island, Sonic notices some strange holes in the ground before seeing Dr. Eggman fly by with a Capsule full of Flickies. After Sonic finds the Capsule and sets the Animals free however, he is caught in a trap set by Robotnik. Fortunately, Sonic lures Eggman into his own trap as well with a Chaos Emerald and escapes on his own. As Sonic is persuaded by Eggman to free him however, he learns from Eggman’s dropped handheld that the Doctor is looking for the Chaos Emeralds and that he already has four of them, with two of the Emeralds still missing. Seeing that Eggman planned to take his Emerald, Sonic leaves Eggman to get blown up by his trap.