Secret Mountain Fort Awesome


Status: Completed


A fivesome of monsters known as the Disgustoids are banished from society due to their unruly behavior and ghastly appearances. From their sentient and eponymous mountain fort, they unleash crazy stunts on the public. Their leader, a purple, tusked creature named Festro, is a macho party animal willing to do anything to help out his group, even when his help is less than desired. Dingle, scrawny and blue, acts as their faithful pet, intelligible only to the group. Slog, a black-furred monster, is likewise blindly loyal, but lacks critical judgement skills—the more hazardous something is, the more likely he will be to follow it. Gweelok, an acned green ball, has a demanding attitude and an obsession with technology. The Fart—a monster made of buttocks who flatulates when touched—is the most sensitive and levelheaded of the group.