Madeline’s Christmas

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Status: Completed


It begins with the main introduction- “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…blah blah blah.” So anyway, then it goes into Madeline’s theme. After that, Miss Clavel, Madeline, and her eleven friends go to see their good friends, Marie. “Bonjour, Marie!” And Chloe goes, “Ah-choo!” And Marie’s like, “God bless you, little one!” And then Madeline tells Marie that for Christmas, the girls are going to go home to see their families. And Nichole reveals that they brought Marie some crossoints, but they are no longer hot. But Marie says, “Your love has made them warm.” Next, the girls go home, break their bread, brush their teeth, and go to bed. But for once, Miss Clavel makes a mistake by leaving the window open, and by morning, EVERYONE (except Madeline) including Miss Clavel has the flu. ( you may think it’s a cold but it says it’s the flu on the back of the box. P.S. I have the movie.) Madeline goes upstairs and tends to the girls.