Gordon the Garden Gnome

Status: Completed


Gordon is a gnome gardener who has lots of adventures in his garden, with his friends and neighbours. Gordon’s best friend is a worm called Andrew, who lives in his hat; but there’s also a mole called Morris, a fish called Bob, Daphne, a beautiful red squirrel and the chattering sparrow sisters, Mimi and Fifi. Gordon’s Gnome friends include Percy, Jerome and Rosie Gnome, who are also his neighbours. The Chief Gnome and his lovely wife Gladioli often call on Gordon with their young nephew Ian. And let’s not forget, Lez and Dez, a couple of naughty slugs with a healthy appetite for Gordon’s plants! The character of Gordon Gnome also feature in an exciting “Global Garden” exhibition at Eureka! The Museum for Children in Halifax (the UK’s only dedicated museum for children).