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KissCartoon is the best online cartoon streaming site that allows you to watch completely FREE. With such a wide collection of content, it appeals to a broad range of audiences, from kids to parents who are searching for free cartoons for their children. Online users do not need to download or fill in questions of surveys to get streaming of the latest cartoon series. Watch your favorite cartoon with kisscartoon, our huge database will meet your needs. Our website has a user-friendly interface, so you can enjoy your favorite cartoon movies wherever you are. Up to now, there are more than 50,000 cartoons on our site, including some of the most well-known series like The Jetsons, The Tom and Jerry, Beavis, and Butt-Head, among many others.

Watch Cartoons Online Free

The concept of cartoons originated in the Middle Ages(began in the 1800s). In Punch magazine in 1843, cartoons came to refer then became popular but the quality of cartoons is not perfect. Since then, cartoons have started to grow and now there are many websites that stream cartoons online. Until Kisscartoon came out, cartoon files were shared to the official system in HD quality. Improve the quality of the free service by choosing servers from third-party sources with fast download speeds to serve the needs of online cartoon fans.

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The cartoon is streamed online, every day KissCartoon are watched cartoons by people around the world up to several tens of thousands of people in 1 day. The Japanese, American, Chinese, Cartoon lists are regularly updated with hot cartoons. Since the launch of Kisscartoon until now, we have been copied by many fraudulent websites with poor quality, paid fees, or advertising malicious code. So visit the official site to ensure the safety of your information.

Is it illegal to use KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is entirely legal. As a watcher, you have nothing to worry about its legality when streaming or downloading videos on this site. If you download videos only for personal use, not for commercial or redistribution use, you are not violating the copyright rule. So, feel free to enjoy your cartoons as you will not have to pay any charge.

Is KissCartoon safe?

You might question yourself the safety of Kisscartoon when probably come across circulating warnings regarding the safety of Kiss Cartoon. Some users report that their electronic devices are infected with viruses after watching cartoons on this channel. However, this allegation is incorrect. Watching and downloading videos from this site are all safe. While using this website, you do not need to provide your phone number, credit card information, and any other personal information. Hence, your personal data is secured and safe.

What is the new website of Kiss Cartoon? is the official and the only site of Kiss cartoon. So if you have come across other sites with somewhat similar URLs, then they’re fake or mirror sites. That said, stick to this site only and avoid accessing mirror sites for the safety of your own devices.

Advantages of watching cartoon on Kisscartoon has many advantages as it is the best free entertainment you can find on the internet. What is more exciting and enjoyable than having free access to popular cartoons right in the comfort of your home? Aside from an abundance of animated movies, you can also have the following advantages:

  • Complete selection: While other sites provide viewers only limited access to cartoons, this site offers you a complete lineup. More importantly, it makes your search a breeze by categorizing the videos into different genres: comedy, adventure, mystery, action, cars, and more.
  • Easy to download: Besides instant access, this site also lets you download your favorite programs without incurring costs. Its intuitive tabs make downloading a piece of cake. Simply click the download button, then choose the preferred resolution and then press the enter button.
  • Free from being infected with viruses: Whereas other free streaming platforms pose the threat of infecting viewers’ electronic devices with malware, spammers, Kisscartoon is an exception. It sets itself apart from other platforms by ensuring that no harmful links or viruses can attack your devices.
  • All services are free: You might have used other free streaming services before to only find out that they’re actually not free. They are advertised as free to lure you into their platform first, then prompt you to pay for premium services. This site is different: all of our services are free to use, from viewing to downloading and sharing.